Our purpose is to support patients with ALK-positive lung cancer wherever they live in the UK.

We manage a closed Facebook page which is accessible only by patients, their immediate families and close friends. This facility allows our members to exchange experiences and to give and receive mutual support. We recognise that not all patients will use or want to use Facebook and we are able to support them on an individual basis.

We provide this website as a resource for members to inform themselves about their diagnosis so that they can have meaningful conversations with their healthcare professionals about their treatment.

We arrange national meetings of ALK-positive patients and families where members hear from and ask questions of leading ALK-positive experts.

We are holding a Patient Conference in September - please ask for further information.

We do not provide medical advice.

We arrange 'Ask the Expert'  online sessions with leading ALK-positive consultants - view these here.

We hold weekly online exercise sessions and monthly online coffee mornings.

               We work collaboratively with other cancer organisations and we attend relevant conferences, in particular, BTOG and LCNUK.

We have joined with EGFR+ and Ros-1ders to form the Oncogene-Driven Lung Cancer Patient Alliance UK and will share best practice, optimise resources and carry out joint collaborations.

We gather real-world data from our members that we make available to healthcare professionals.

We campaign

for early diagnosis - to save lives

for raised standards of care - to prolong lives

We publish advice booklets, reports and articles in medical journals.

We attend local and regional meetings of lung cancer healthcare professionals. 


Please contact us if you would like

more information about the charity

us to attend any of your meetings

leaflets to give to your ALK-positive lung cancer patients.

In partnership with EGFR Positive UK and Ruth Strauss Foundation, we recently launched a £100K award-winning campaign targeted at primar healthcare professionals to raise awareness that anyone with lungs and of any age can get lung cancer.  Some of our members are in their twenties. Please click below.